Fall and Halloween Decor

I had a fun weekend of poking around the Dollar Tree store and decorating the house, so I thought I'd share it with you all. I love looking at "fall decor" on Pinterest and if there's one thing I've realized, it's that I'm more of a minimalist than I thought. I'm not one to make an epic tablescape nor do I have a mantle that looks like a Pottery Barn ad (I don't even have a mantle). Instead, I like to find little things to place throughout the house. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found at Dollar Tree and I think that by not putting all of the cheap stuff in one place, I made it look less cheap. In addition to the Dollar Tree, I got flowers, gourds, pumpkins and smelly (in a good way) pine cones from the grocery store. So without further ado, here is a tour of our Fall and Halloween decorations:

Window stickies for the kiddo are a must for every season. Her placement of the stickies was on point.


My favorite: Sunflowers in a mason jar. Swoon.


We've had this really amazing Fall leaves painting from my Dad and Stepmom's neighbor, who is a super talented artist. I had a heck of a time taking a picture of it so please forgive the reflection and odd angle. 


The painting is in the corner of the living room so here is a zoomed out picture. The glitter pumpkin with a flickering LED light is from Dollar Tree.


My favorite Dollar Tree find:


A Grocery Outlet skull (came in a big bag o skulls) and a purple glitter LED flickering skull from Dollar Tree:


Now, let's talk decorative gourds. Instead of hand picking my gourds, I bought a big (green mesh that I couldn't see through) bag of them because it was cheaper. I won't do that again. I ended up with a rather weenie-esque gourd that I couldn't make look un-weenie like for the life of me. Then several of the other gourds wouldn't stand on their own.  So I put the non standing gourds and the weenie one in a bowl and called it a day.  This beautiful fall glitter globe is borrowed from my Mom's place. Pay no attention to the scratch on my wall that I'm just now noticing.


Fall candles and stands from Dollar Tree. Another one of my favorite finds.


Candles, more gourds, and a bowl from Goodwill filled with pine cones:

IMG_8016 (2).JPG

Here is the overall zoomed out view of our dining room. Hi Blue kitty!

IMG_8027 (4).JPG

and here are the doodads on our built-ins leading into the living room. The little lantern flickers and is from the Dollar Tree as well.


One last thing: We had so much fun painting pumpkins this year. I displayed them in P's playroom.