Yachats, Oregon

-by Jamie

Hello!!  I didn't forget about you!  Things got busy busy but the good news is I'm amped for the summer and am thinking I will have lots to write about as Oregon is sort of magical that time of year (who am I kidding- its magical all times of year).  Speaking of, Tim and I took a VERY mini vacation (about 24 hours) to Yachats a few weeks ago.  It was so wonderful!  Plus, I remembered to take pictures and notes so I could write about it:

For my friends who aren't from here, the Oregon coast is actually quite close to where we live- about 50 minutes or so.  We drove west toward the cost after dropping 'lil P off at the grandparents in Eugene.  Our first stop was, I think, the first potty option in Florence and a good way to send $20 out into the ether:

Tim's tee shirt is worthy of its own blog post

Tim's tee shirt is worthy of its own blog post

Yup.  The casino.

Up next was the Fred Meyer where we bought all the junk foods and gas for the car.  Then it was time for adventuring and Heceta Beach.  The lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper's house are some of my favorite things about Oregon (not to mention the beach itself).  

Next it was time to check in at the hotel.  We stayed at the Adobe in Yachats which I highly recommend.  Every room has an ocean view but it is still very affordable.  (It was VERY affordable for us as we had a gift certificate from my amazing in-laws but I still plan on going back as often as possible).  Here is the view from our room!  :

The room also had a fireplace and an excessive amount of lounge chairs.

You can buy this at the front desk:

We got fancified and then got a fancy drink at the hotel lounge.  The waitress who appears to be sitting on my shoulder was an absolute hoot!

We then went out to dinner at a place called Ona.  The ambiance was excellent and it felt like a fancy date.   We had a nice server as well.  I will say that the food could have been better and more local given the prices.  Also too much saffron can actually taste a bit dirty/ muddy and this was unfortunately the case with my pasta.  I learned later that there is a fun pizza place by the Adobe so next time, that.

The next day we went to the Drift Inn for breakfast which is tried and true and awesome.  They have umbrellas hanging from the ceiling!  


and this mural!

Then it was on to one more beach where Tim found every agate in Oregon and I found no agates but enjoyed the hunt.