Use It Up Challenge

by Jamie (but Tim will be taking part in the below mentioned challenge too!)

One of our favorite bloggers (who also happens to be Tim's cousin), Ali at Good Little House had an amazing (maybe even a HayesAmazing...badumbum) idea to get our blogging/photography/crafting/handyperson/creative/cooking juices flowing:  We are going to spend the next month (until January 5th) using up some thing(s)- and by the way, we challenge you to do the same!  The idea is to choose a category of things you have a bunch of that you need to use:  crafting supplies, scrap paper, pantry items, a freezer full of mystery meat, billions of dollars in philanthropic funds, a garden full of squash....You get the idea.  I think I know what we'll be choosing to use up but you'll have to stay tuned to see our blog post about the challenge this January :-)