Welcome to Hayes Amaze!



Hello!  We're the Hayes family!

This is Jamie:

(aka me, the one who is writing this intro)  I used to make pizza for a living, not always in a muumuu and now I'm a stay at home mom (again, not always in a muumuu)  More importantly, can you believe that M U U M U U is how you spell muumuu?!

This is Tim (picture drawn by our daughter), my husband, who also contributes to the blog:


This is our six year old, who, for the purposes of hayesamaze.squarespace.com  we shall call lil' P.


We've wanted for a long time to write about living it up in Oregon from the perspective of a young family on a tight budget.  (We ain't rich, peoples!)  This has meant different things over the years:  Creative date nights, cooking elaborate but inexpensive things (both Tim and I LOVE to cook and bake), cooking not elaborate inexpensive things, eloping(ish) but still having a big informal and inexpensive wedding reception, finding a house with a mortgage we could afford, finding free weekend adventures to take lil' P on, dressing our stylish selves on the cheap....  The list goes on.  In sum, these are the things we are excited to explore here on Hayes Amaze. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for visiting our website!